Timberline Views

View from the lift on the way down the mountain

Get ready as we are preparing and getting ready to open our chairlifts. Join us on May 25th as we open our “grand views” to the public. So reasonably priced, so peaceful… just seat-back and let one of our 100’s of chairs take you up to the top of Timberline. During your 1000′ ascent, you will be rewarded with complete panoramic views of Canaan Valley.

Once at the top, get off the chair, walk around and take the chair back down when it’s convenient for YOU. Remember, there’s “no rush” in Canaan Valley.

The more adventurous can check out a nearby very easy trail (90 feet away) that will look back into itself. The VERY adventurous can take their backpacks to new limits like Dolly Sods Wilderness area.

Planning a trip to Dolly Sods?
Well, remember that Timberline is the easiest (and by far the fastest) way to get to the Sods. But also remember that it is a Wilderness area. As such, you’ll want to make sure you have a map, console, plenty of water, and warm clothing. Need more info? Free Info? Give us a call (304) 866-4801

Let the summer begin – enjoy Timberline & all of its surroundings.

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One Response to Timberline Views

  1. kelly says:

    Address please?! There is nothing on the whole site! Directions? These things would help.

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