Timberline Views

View from the lift on the way down the mountain

Get ready as we are preparing and getting ready to open our chairlifts. Join us on May 25th as we open our “grand views” to the public. So reasonably priced, so peaceful… just seat-back and let one of our 100’s of chairs take you up to the top of Timberline. During your 1000′ ascent, you will be rewarded with complete panoramic views of Canaan Valley.

Once at the top, get off the chair, walk around and take the chair back down when it’s convenient for YOU. Remember, there’s “no rush” in Canaan Valley.

The more adventurous can check out a nearby very easy trail (90 feet away) that will look back into itself. The VERY adventurous can take their backpacks to new limits like Dolly Sods Wilderness area.

Planning a trip to Dolly Sods?
Well, remember that Timberline is the easiest (and by far the fastest) way to get to the Sods. But also remember that it is a Wilderness area. As such, you’ll want to make sure you have a map, console, plenty of water, and warm clothing. Need more info? Free Info? Give us a call (304) 866-4801

Let the summer begin – enjoy Timberline & all of its surroundings.

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What’s Next ?

Saturday, April 6th 2013 – SNOWMOBILE CHAMPIONSHIPS
We expect a lot of spectators – lots of pictures and videos to come.

Starting now – Spring is Kayak time in the Timberline area.
Starting May 25, 2013 – Downhill Biking at Timberline

  • Roundtrip lift service for hikers & photographers
  • One-way lift service for DH bikers and adventurous hikers
  • Lift service every weekend and holiday – until late September for Fall Colors
  • Affordable lift prices, and perfect getaway in the mountains
  • Almost 4300 feet in altitude

Brian enjoying Zinger Trail, deep in the woods of Timberline Resort

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25+ years as ski instructor… Eddy enjoying White Lightning (or is it 35?)

Thank you all for a fantastic 2012-2013 Ski Season; It’s been a remarkable year in Canaan Valley and Timberline has been rewarded with one snow storm after the other.

Prime conditions, good grooming, fantastic tree skiing, phenomenal crowd!
Thank you, Thank you… THANK YOU!

April 6th 2013: Snowmobile Race at Timberline
May 25th 2013: Lifts re-open for the summer, with DH Biking
May – Sept 2013: Biking, Hiking, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, golfing…
…and of course: Photography

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Night Skiing

The Approach: The Drop

Night Ski one more night – TONIGHT!

Timberline Ski Resort will stay open until 9pm for you to enjoy night skiing. The sky should have emerald-stars all over the place… the snow should be nice and soft… the crowd will be non-existent… It will be a night to remember!

Picture above shows couple of kids heading towards the woods: a great decision since there was over 3 feet of snow in spots. The Drop (a double black diamond with mogul) was an absolute blast.

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Looking for Snow?


Fearless in the woods

Timberline has received over 218 of snow so far this season (65 inches just this month alone) and that’s putting a lot of smiles on people’s faces!

We can now officially compare our resort to West Coast Resorts; seemingly, Timberline Resort in West Virginia currently has more snow on their slopes than even Killington way up North… and you know we are even more laid-back than Californians – so no attitudes here: just ski your heart out.

Yes, you’ll find groomed trails like Salamander (2miles long), Twister (long and twisty), and many more to enjoy the perfect snow condition.

Natural coverage isn’t a problem, so come on down and enjoy places like Off the Wall with whales and natural powder. I just came down the skiers’ left at 1pm and had totally untracked powder to myself. That’s not too bad for a Thursday, considering we “only” got 3” of new snow in the last 24 hours (mind you, I was in 2+ feet of snow). Looking at other slopes worth checking out: The Drop (bumps all over, soft bumps though… the kind I took a perfect face-plant on… and walked away with a smile). White Lighting (a black that was groomed) offered amazing powder face shots in its entire length (1000’ vertical) – you just had to stay on its side.

Tree Skiing:
Officially, I have never seen Timberline any better than this. We’ve received a lot of natural snow these last couple of weeks, but the magic and key to it all was the fact that we already had an amazing snow base before any new fluffy stuff reached us. Find your line between trees and go. Expert skiers and boarders will love them: we have 6 official Glades, and plenty of “lines” for your face-shots. The “cleanest” line I know of will be down Pearly Glades (no, not party glades, but close). There are a few obstacles along the way, but they give the expert skier some challenge.

Today was a boarding day for me… I just couldn’t get off that thing. Tomorrow, we’ll mix it up with a  bit of Telemark. There is just not enough hours in the day for ALL THE FUN to be had.

Happy Customers:
I’ll be brief here, but when you get on your first chairlift ride at Timberline, you will immediately notice very happy skiers; it doesn’t matter their ability level – they are coming down screaming, jumping with a smile on their faces, reliving their runs with vivid hand motions… you gotta love it.

I’d take my niece out skiing tomorrow – without a doubt. We call conditions like these: Hero Snow.

See you on the slopes!

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Powder Hounds


Skier’s Right – The Drop


Looking for “face-shots”


Timberline Glades are at their prime

Snow (for sale) 🙂

Afternoon Photos… Enjoy.

You’ll hear reports about Timberline getting 11″ of snow this week – don’t worry, we got 11″ after the first 18 hours earlier in the week. We are now a lot closer to 20″ of new snow since Monday!

Heck, I personally went to check snow depth in several places; some as little as 10 feet from the edge of popular ski trails like The Drop. Bottom line: skiing is just about as good as it gets (unless for some odd reason you truly prefer ice).

You won’t find heavy snow – I sure haven’t. You won’t find lift lines – except when you are talking to your buddies about face shots, and giving details about your last powder run.

  • High prices are non-existent. 
  • Parking troubles? Nope… not here in the valley. Heck, just ditch the car and hit the slopes!

Alright, enough bragging (though it’s seriously worth getting into an argument with your boss when you get back from skiing).

Enjoy yourselves –

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Resort Overview: Tue March 26 2013

We wanted to share this video shot yesterday at Timberline: http://vimeo.com/62745213

  • 6300+ frames
  • 3+ minutes
  • 5+ trails
  • 5+ people

The woods were really fantastic – and waking up with 5 more inches of snow on the front steps this morning just put one heck of a grin on my face!

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